What do we do?

Higher Ground Community Services Ltd are not a traditional ground maintenance company. Instead we provide a fully integrated estate management service intended to improve communities, increase amenity and raise property values. We aim to address concerns before they become problems and existing problems before they get worse, providing communal spaces that communities can take pride in and enjoy safely with friends, family and neighbours.

Our preferred model involves appointing a dedicated estate manager who is personally responsible for managing an estate with the residents and for the residents. He or she will become a recognised face around your community and, supported by our central team, will look after your grounds as if they were their own using modern equipment and environmentally friendly methods.

Our Estate Manager will generally work in uniform and will quickly become known to you. He or she can be approached directly at any time to address issues of concern. In addition we will provide you with our 24-hour telephone number so you can contact us at any time.

Our model is one of continuous service and so we do not wait until something needs to be done. Instead, your estate manager will do it when it needs to be done, whether it’s grass cutting, litter clearing, pruning or any of the other services we include in our package.

In addition, your estate manager will report any roads, lighting or safety issues to us in order that we can liaise with the local council or other relevant bodies in order to have them rectified quickly. Also, in order to maintain our high quality standards and ensure that we are as close to the communities that we support as we can be, our Directors will be on site regularly to support formal and informal discussions with all of our clients.

As our focus is on community safety, in addition to high quality grounds maintenance we can also provide experienced consultation and mediation in disputes, assist in the setting up and running of a Neighbourhood Watch or Business Watch Scheme and provide a variety of other services to help you create the environment that you want around your home.

Our combination of old fashioned values and service combined with the best of modern technology enable us to deliver a service that we believe is second to none.

If this is what your business or community is looking for then speak to Higher Ground.