Higher Ground Community Services Limited

Your house and garden, along with the people and possessions that make it a home, are probably the most important things in your world.

You want your home to be safe, well maintained and in an area where you can enjoy your life around it without worries. The kind of area where property prices are high because the environment is good and there is no anti-social behaviour. The kind of place where we all want to live…

That’s what we at Higher Ground Community Services Limited (HGCSL) believe anyway and what we want to help you create when you employ us to maintain your gardens, grounds and common areas.

HGCSL deliver a whole new concept in estate management and community safety, frequently for less money than residents and businesses previously paid just to get their grass cut, plus, we deliver our service all year long – not just in the grass growing months!

We can do this because we are motivated by more than profits and believe that if you do a good job you get repeat business. We employ dedicated, motivated people with the right attributes and skills, providing them them with the most appropriate equipment to ensure they are always able to deliver what our customers want.

If you’re not getting all of this from your existing providers, then maybe its time to move to Higher Ground!